Our School Song

1. Cheer Loyola’s sons
Cheer till day is done
Till the game is won
For our School.
As her banners soar
Let the echoes roar
Round the golden shore
Of India’s rule.

Refrain : Virtue shielding us
Knowledge for our weapon
Onward, on, Loyola’s sons.
Let us march asinging
Send the echoes ringing
Giving our best till the game is won.

2. Loyola’s sons, acclaim
Brave Loyola’s fame
Proud to bear the name
O’er the field
Always brave and true
Pledge each day anew
Aye to dare and do
Ne’er to yield.

3. Oh! thou of God of all
Hear us when we call
Help us one and all
By Thy grace,
When life’s game is done
And the victory won
May we wear the crown
Of joy and grace