Fr Varghese Anikuzhy S.J.

CBSE Block

Loyola Indoor Stadium

Milestones : 2000 onwards
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2000 onwards: i.e., the second tenure of Fr Varghese Anikuzhy S.J. as the Principal, may be treated as a single unit in the history of the school. This period not only witnessed infrastructure development on a gigantic scale and at a brisk pace, but also reaffirmed and improved upon the legacy of all-round excellence.

The major additions and alterations to the infrastructure during this period are:

The first two floors of the CBSE wing, networking facility in the computer lab, Loyola Cricket Academy and fully equipped multimedia room open to all classes—all in 2002; the Children’s Park in 2003; the third floor of the CBSE block and five new science labs and a language lab there in 2007; the gigantic Indoor Stadium and the facelift to the main gate in 2009, asphalting all roads on the campus and concreting the basketball court on the Northern side in 2010; roofing and floor-tiling of the canteen-lounge-cum-waiting shed, the new RCC retention wall along the the boundary on the stadium end, and five more buses that increased the fleet-strength to eleven—all in 2011; CCTV surveillance of the entire campus and the electronic display facility for daily news flash in 2012—all of these at the cost of a few crores.


Science lab

Second basketball court

Main gate after the facelift