Fr Mani Manimala S.J

Fr Kuruvila Cherian S.J

Milestones : 1995-2000

1995-2000: Two Jesuits presided over the destinies of the school during the last quinquennium of the 20th centrury — Fr. Mani Manimala from 1994 to 1997 and Fr. Kuruvila Cherian from 1997 to 2000. Some of the highlights of this period are: the three-day Inter-School Science Exhibition in 1995, Vice-Principal Fr Mathew Pulickal’s retirement in 1996 after 13 years of service, starting of LAFest in 1997, excellent results in all Board exams which qualified the school for the M.V. Mathai Rolling Trophy in 1997, as many as 27 Loyolites getting into IITs and 19 winning NTS scholarship and almost all others securing merit-based admission to professional colleges and an yearly average of 4 sportsmen getting selected to State-level teams, Harisankar securing the first rank in INMO in 1995 and the second rank in 1996, Vijay Gopalan representing Kerala in the Inter-State quiz in Delhi in 1998, Jayakrishnan winning the Sastra Prathibha award (2000) and Vishnu Dattan winning the All India essay competitin of The Hindu (2000), completion of the mini-stadium near the Junior School in 1997-98, purchase of an electronic organ and another school bus, installation of the dish antenna, replenishing of the library and renovation of labs and the toilets, construction of another basketball court and commissioning of a fully air-conditioned computer lab with 25 systems along with multimedia and UPS support at the cost of Rs.11 lakh in 2000, and the demolition of the Junior School to erect the present CBSE Block.

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Air conditioned Computer Lab