Fr Philip Thayil S.J.

ICSE Southern wing under construction

ICSE Southern wing today: View from the Quadrangle

Milestones : 1987-1994

1987-94: The major infrastructure development of this period is the construction of the Southern wing of the ICSE block at a cost of Rs. 29 Lakhs in 1993 and the addition of a football court and the purchase of a new bus and the fencing of the school grounds. On the academic front, he initiated tentative computer training shortly after his assumption of office and later introduced the the ISC course, in 1993, and maintained the tradition of 100% pass and about 90% Distinction in all streams. Loyola’s position among the schools in India during this period is clear from the fact that in 1989 two students (Muralikrishnan and Vinod V. Menon) distinguished themselves in the ICSE exam by securing the IInd and IVth Rank, respectively— a feat repeated by R. Anand who was the national second in the ISC exam of 1994. In the 1993 Singapore Airlines Scholarship examination, 3 out of 25 students in India were Loyolites. In addition to a total of about 50 NTS scholars, a few other students with creditable achievements during this period are Chandrasekhar who emerged as the winner of the Indian National Maths Olympiad in 1994, Sam Idiculla, Mathew, and J. Sony who reached the final round of the National Computer Contest of IIT Madras in 1990. In sports and games the school scaled further heights and won the Youth Affairs and Sports Department’s prize money of Rs. 10,000 consecutively for two years and also produced a yearly average of three state-level players in as many as five different fields. Among the sportsmen with special achievements during this period are Tinu Thomas who won 5 Gold medals in XI Kerala Roller Skating championship in 1992 and Eapen T. Joseph who got into both the Junior State and State Schools teams in basketball. Quiz was another field where the school made an indelible mark, bringing home more than 35 trophies during this period. One of the most prominent visitors of this period was Rev. Fr Peter-Hans Kolvenback (Jesuit Superior General) in 1990.

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Unforgettable visitor in1990:
Rev.Fr Peter-Hans Kolvenback S.J