Fr Maurice Standford S.J.

Milestones : 1974-1975

1974: Fr. Maurice Stanford, a Canadian Jesuit of the Darjeeling Province, assumed office as the Principal, instituted the Loyola Annual Inter-school Basketball tournament, and divided the students into AP, JJ, GG and SS Houses. The year is unforgettable for Mother Theresa's visit.

1975: End of the 11-year ISC pattern and the introduction of ICSE exam for class X and the +2 system thereafter. Yet another year of bustling activities and memorable achievements—700 students participating in the Youth Festival, special coaching for football and cricket, five mini-basketballers making it to the state team, winning five out of six inter-school matches in football, basketball and cricket, and producing enviable results in the ISC exam.

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Mini-basketballers on State team

Unforgettable visitor : Mother Teresa

Independence Day Assembly, 1974.