Sports pavilion-cum-canteen complex

Junior School in Laurie Baker style

Milestones : 1971-1973


In spite of the difficult patch that Fr A.E. Makil S.J. had to live through as the Principal during this period, he left his footprint on the campus by erecting a separate single-storeyed Junior School and the sports pavilion-cum- canteen complex—both in Laurie Baker style— and got Loyola recognized by the Central Government as the first boys’ school in Kerala for the placement of National Merit Scholars. An indication of the academic excellence of this period is the fact that 6 Loyolites of the 1972 batch got into the IIT. Also, it was during this time that an Evening School was started to give free tuition to the students of neighbouring schools.


Fr. A.E.Makil S.J.

Free Evening class for neighbouring schools